Germany - France
June 2o24

 Kassel - Kirvhheim 17 June 2024
120 km / 75 ml

Today’s ride was pleasant, along a selection of rivers, first the Fulda out of Kassel, and then eventually the Eder.  Where I am tonight, Kircheim, is on the Lahn.  All these rivers provide ways through the various hills and mountains, and they pretty much all will have decent cycle paths along their banks.  That’s what I was mostly on today.  It was busy with other cyclists, lots of touring cyclists like me, of all ages, and on an array of bicycles, many of them electric assist.  But, as I’ve said on many occasions before, for all their common sense and efficiency in so many other things, when it comes to bells on bikes, the Germans just do not get it.  It is very rare that someone warns me that they are about the pass close and fast on their electric bike by ringing a bell so that I am alerted to their speedy presence.  I’ve given up shouting and swearing (many German swear words are very like ours !), so I just ring my bell as they pass and hope at least to embarrass them. .  The wind was still to the front of me, which slowed me down a bit, but less blustery than yesterday.  The landscapes are very pretty, and the routes go through nice little towns.  There are not a lot of shops about, but the middling sized towns will have a supermarket - Aldi, Lidl, Rewe, Edeker, etc.  All pretty much alike. Tonight I am at a camping site on the banks of the Lahn.  There’s one other cyclist camping, who also has a Rohloff and a Brooks saddle.  Quality.  There is some food and drink available, which is very welcome.  The sun has come out, there is a light wind.  So, here’s hoping for a peaceful and calm night and sleep.

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