Poland Summer 2022

I've not much experience or knowledge of Poland. Except that Chopin was Polish. But, here I find myself for a second bicycle tour this summer, this time through Poland, mostly following the Vistula River from the Baltic coast, and thence on to wherever the fancy takes me..... Then home.


Trans USA 2022
Southern Tier 

A cycle tour from Florida to California across the southern States, Texas and the deserts of Arizona, New Mexico and California......

I am an experienced cycle tourist and have done a number of long distance trips in the USA and Europe.  This trip in late Spring / early Summer of 2022 is one that I have been waiting a couple of years to do, delayed because of Covid restrictions. 

Ruta de la Plata 2021

More cycling, this time in Spain, along the Ruta de la Plata, an ancient way from north to south of Spain.  It was used by the Romans and is still used by pilgrims making their way north to Santiago de Compostella. More...

German Rivers 2021

Another summer, another bicycle tour.  Even in Covid times.  Germany, cycling some of the grand rivers - Elbe, Main, Rhine and maybe a bit of the Danube.  

... webpage in progess...check back...