Lomianki - Warsaw - Stężyca 1

7 July 

65 Miles.

By the way, all these Polish names that I am writing have all sorts of little things, slashes, undersigns etc on the lettering, which I can’t replicate on my laptop.  Not surprising since I can even find a pound sterling sign either.  So, Stezyca has a little cedilla under the e and either an acute or grave comma or whatever above the z.  Think of your school French, and you will get the idea.  I’m not sure how they affect the sounding of the word.  Mind you, I can’t work out how most Polish words should be pronounced.  Too many w, z, j, k  etc in impossible proximity to make it pronounceable.  At least to me.  

Stezyca, no surprise, was on the banks of the Vistula.  Which, pay attention now, I am following !  This place I stayed in was a bit of a trendy little river resort, with small cabins for rent for the night, all very de nos jours and pine and grey, and very pleasant, even if a bit bijou and compact.  There was a big central area with restaurant and bar, but on this day there was evidently a wedding celebration going on, which mostly seems to have involved vodka, because everybody, men and women, were as pissed as - well, you get the idea.  A number of them were staying in the pods, and they sang and shouted in to the early hours. The singing was mostly bad Eurotrash pop stuff.  The little pods were pretty decently soundproofed so I did manage to sleep.  But, I have not seen people staggering around drinking vodka in such quantities before.  Vodka is the thing here.  Apparently.  Personally, I don’t see what people see in the stuff.  Gin doesn’t do it for me either.  My poison is whisky or brandy.  Which is why, by and large, I don’t keep it in the house.  The food was good, black tagliatelle with shrimp and some herring starter.  I am, you can guess, pleasantly surprised and pleased with the food I can get in even the most out of the way places here in Poland.  Compare and contrast with my experiences and reports over vast swathes of the USA, recently crossed.


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