Bydogoszcz - Skoki Duże

15 July 2022

70 Miless.

Continuing on down the Vistula I made my way to Skoki Duze to a little hotel right on the banks of the Vistula.  Quite acceptable for the price, and a decent enough restaurant and decent meal and a beer or two which sufficed to restore the calories expended during the day.  I have discovered that Polish hotels are big on single beds, and I mean single as in what I grew up with.  You get a single room, and it has a single bed, simple.  At least in the USA you get a double bed mostly in single rooms.  So, I think I might start to go up market a bit and get rooms with double beds.  I like to stretch out these days. Gone are the days of lying like a corpse with hands outside the sheets.  What neurotic thought that one up ?

I come across a lot of cars on my trips.  Big trucks and pickups in the USA, for example.  The noisier the better, they seem to think.  Here in Poland I think I’ve worked out that most cars are superannuated German second hand cars, like ten year old VW Passats, Audis and Mercedes.  Mostly diesel, which I think the Germans are phasing out after the VW diesel scam.  You don’t see many spanking new cars here.  And few electric cars.  Give them a few years and I am sure they will catch up.  Then, when things settle down, all those old German cars, and by then old Polish cars, will find their way eastwards to Ukraine.  Driver here are respectful and courteous, I find.  They tend to give me room and the more observant of them will not pass if there is a central solid line.  By and large I can find routes which are very quiet or which have large shoulders or parallel bike paths.  So, it seems calm and reasonable safe.  I do worry a little about their propensity to drink vodka, however !

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